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A Timeless Design Enhancement

To enhance the design of a bedroom, bathroom or hallway in your home, you may want to consider Long Island wainscoting. A form of wood paneling that protects the walls, wainscoting adds architectural design and texture. Some ideas and styles include designs that represent a barn door, a picture frame or carvings. Beadboard is a traditional and popular form of Long Island wainscoting. This type is also easier and faster to install.

Wainscoting has been applied in homes for a few hundred years, usually for improving insulation and to protect walls from flooding. The paneling is normally done on the lower half of the walls. Some methods of Long Island wainscoting include flat panel, raised-panel and board-and-batten.

Flat-Panel Wainscoting

This design is either flat or recessed, while usually applied to stairways and hallways. Composition is typically either wood, vinyl or fiberboard (medium or high density). The panels are positioned over the wall with decorative mouldings sometimes appended. Painting or staining the panels will provide additional safeguarding of surface from kids, animals, water, fire, steel-tip boots or anything else that makes physical contact.